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Steering Committee


Selisse Berry (she/her)

A passionate lesbian activist, Selisse Berry has been a champion for LGBTQ rights for decades.  Selisse is the Founder and former CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, the world’s largest non-profit organization specifically dedicated to creating safe and equitable workplaces for LGBTQ people. Out & Equal has impacted more than 50 million people in over 60 countries and Selisse has brought the promise of equality to employees from every part of the globe – from India to Brazil, North America, Asia, Europe and beyond. 


Selisse is currently a consultant bringing years of experience in strategic planning and non-profit management to aid organizations and individuals globally. She also serves on several non-profit boards.


Selisse lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is thrilled to serve on the steering committee of LesbianGlobal.

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Naomi Fine (she/her)

Naomi is a donor activist and co-founder, with her wife, Kathy, of LesbianGlobal. Naomi, with Kathy, sought to bring a data-driven context to global LBQ+ women’s philanthropy, and to create a soul-nourishing community with sister LBQ+ women to seed a movement for legal, economic, social, and political equality and equity for LBQ+ women globally. The result is a first-of-its kind LBQ+ women’s donor activist community and a landscape assessment that identifies the needs and opportunities for investing in LBQ+ women globally. Naomi is a mentor and coach to individuals and organizations, bringing her legal and business acumen from working for decades in the corporate world as an entrepreneur, trade secret expert, and business leader. Naomi is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum and the facilitator for their Reflecting Life’s Journey affinity group, a safe place for senior executives to reflect on their life’s journey as a means to learn, connect, and grow.  Naomi and Kathy have two grown daughters and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. When not working to make the world a better place, Naomi enjoys staying fit, traveling, learning, and connecting with extended family and friends. 


Tracy Gary (she/her)

A champion of donor activism and women’s leadership for fifty years, Tracy is known internationally for her work in the field of community-based giving with diverse communities. She has worked in all 50 states and 23 countries. Her unique strategy is threefold: she advises donors in aligning their giving with their deepest values, works with leaders of color in non-profits on their fundraising practices, and builds networks across communities. Her effectiveness in galvanizing change that addresses local and global needs, arises from her core organizing principle: that we create a better world by inviting all to decision making tables.. She sparks donors to engage fully in partnerships with active changemakers, to leverage their impact, and to unleash their generosity. As a field innovator, she has co-founded 24 nonprofits including The Women’s Building, The Women’s Funding Network, The Women Donors Network, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, Outgiving (before Tim Gill gave it a full court upgrade)  and most recently in 2022, was asked to be part of LesbianGlobal’s founding Steering Committee. “Funding the LesbianGlobal LBQ movement is essential to our movement sustainability and joy!”


Tracy is a speaker, coach and workshop leader, offering her services in her final tour in March 2023-December 2024, through (including to LBQ groups and LGBTQ foundations.) Her book “Inspired Philanthropy” about giving and legacy plans has sold 44,000 copies and is a classic tool for donor leadership.


Kathy Levinson (she/her)

After a storied career in financial services, where she gained a reputation as a tempered radical, Kathy turned her attention to angel investing, joining a group of discerning group of investors, seeking and funding high-potential, women-led businesses. After serving on a number of boards in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, she joined her wife, Naomi, on a journey to learn more about the world of strategic philanthropy.  She soon tired of being in philanthropic spaces where LBQ+ women were invisible; most women’s spaces were dominated by straight women, while gay philanthropic spaces were dominated by gay men. Kathy wanted to be part of a community of engaged, smart, passionately committed LBQ+ women donors/philanthropists and couldn’t find such a space. It was also difficult to find comprehensive data on the needs of LBQ+ women globally, as LBQ* women were a mostly invisible, if non-existent, population who always got left out of international funding efforts.  So, she and Naomi decided to create a community that they really wanted to be part of.  LesbianGlobal is the result of that learning journey. It is a growing group of engaged, smart, passionately committed LBQ+ women donor/philanthropist activists, making visible, and amplifying the voices of, LBQ+ women globally. ​When not doing her donor-activist work, she spends time RVing around the country, is a voracious listener of audiobooks and kvells incessantly about her adult children. She is an ambassador for the United States Pickleball Association (USAPA), is a certified pickleball coach, through the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR), and enjoys sharing her love of the sport with as many new people as she can.

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Stephanie Brill (any)

Stephanie has always believed that everyone deserves to be themself- and to be able to live a full life. This led her to focusing her career on improving the lives of LGBQ/gender diverse people. She had a pioneering career as a midwife with a practice focused on LGBTQ+ families and an at home insemination practice for LBQ+ and single straight women and transmen seeking pregnancy. Dedicated to serving the larger queer parenting community she authored her first two books, The Queer Parents’ Primer and The Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy and Birth. When she couldn’t find a school for her first child that was comfortable with a child from a lesbian household in their school, she co-founded a charter school based on anti-bias principals. Over time she shifted focus to gender diversity. Stephanie has decades of experience helping families, organizations, professionals, systems of care, and communities to reimagine gender. She is considered a thought leader on issues of gender diversity and children. She is the founder and Board Chair of Gender Spectrum and co-founder and Board Chair of Reimagine Gender. She authored the groundbreaking book, The Transgender Child (with Rachel Pepper) in 2007 and then followed it years later with The Transgender Teen (with Lisa Kenney). Her books are translated into multiple languages.

Stephanie is a passionate lover of nature and the outdoors and is a proud parent of four incredible adult children.  

The focus on improving the lives of LBQ+ women globally, combined palpable passion of Naomi and Kathy, is what brought Stephanie to the Steering Committee of LesbianGlobal.

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Lilah Katz (they/them)

As the newest addition to the LesbianGlobal team, Lilah is so excited to serve as a researcher and community engagement consultant. A rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania, Lilah is studying history and Spanish with professional ambitions of pursuing social justice, particularly through combatting gender-based violence. In their free time, Lilah loves to read, sing, ride their bike, and spend time outdoors with friends and family.

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