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Our Mission

Our mission is to amplify the needs, voices, visibility, and resources for LBQ+ women globally. Our work is desperately needed:

  • Global LBQ+ women activists are underfunded;

  • Inadequate women’s resources and LGBT resources don’t find their way to LBQ+ women;

  • Most donors/philanthropists aren’t aware of the marginalization, invisibility, and discrimination against LBQ women globally. Even many LBQ women are unaware of the needs of our global LBQ sisters;

  • Donations can have a bigger impact internationally;

  • Underfunded LBQ+ women’s activists who face paperwork and colonial oversight burdens may avoid pursuing grants from established organizations.


LesbianGlobal collaborated with Human Rights Watch (HRW) to study LBQ+ women’s needs globally to enable a global context and data-informed approach to our learning, advocacy, and giving. See the study here

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