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Human Rights Watch Report

LesbianGlobal’s first step was to collaborate with Human Rights Watch (HRW) to conduct a needs assessment study of the state of LBQ+ women’s rights and needs globally. Study findings from the Human Rights Watch 2023 report (the LBQ+ Women's Study Findings), are based on HRW’s extensive research. The full report can be found here:

Key findings from the report address human rights abuses most affecting LBQ+ women's lives globally:


• The right to free and full consent to marriage;

• Land, property, and housing rights;

• Freedom from violence based on masculine-presenting gender expression;

• Freedom from violence and discrimination in the workplace;

• Freedom of movement and the right to appear in public without fear of violence;

• Parental rights and the right to create a family;

• The right to health, including services for sexual, reproductive, and mental health;

• Protection and recognition as human rights defenders; and

• Access to justice

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