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Grant Recommendations

​Each year, LesbianGlobal recommends, and donates collectively, to grantee organizations that demonstrate:

  • Mission-driven focus on LBQ+ women globally;

  • Programs, services, and advocacy to improve the lives of our LBQ+ sisters globally;

  • High rating of leadership, capacity, and accomplishments/impact; 

  • When possible, 501(c) 3 status. 

Our recommended grantees for 2024 are:

Our grantees empower local activists and locally-led movements targeted to support historically under-resourced and marginalized LBQ+ communities:

  • As democratic spaces shrink, the human rights institutions, norms, and freedoms crucial for creating safe and open environments for LBQ+ women also shrink;

  • Gender-restrictive, anti-rights movements are coordinated and well-resourced in their attacks on women who face impediments to freedoms of assembly, association and expression, creating a culture of fear and silence, often linked to digital and physical attacks, and result in further marginalization of LBQ women.


If you donate directly to any of the above recommended organizations, please let them know that you donated as a participant in LesbianGlobal.

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LBQ+ Project
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