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Pride Parade

LBQ+ Women Collaborating To Uplift Our LBQ+ Sisters Globally

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Gay Pride Celebrations


Read the Human Rights Watch LBQ+ women’s global needs assessment report, and learn from other resources that help us all understand the dire need for connection with, and commitment to, our global LBQ+ sister communities.

Image by Norbu GYACHUNG

Who We Are

LesbianGlobal is a community of LBQ+ women who learn from experts and each other to advocate for and make high-impact investments in the underserved lesbian, bisexual and queer (LBQ+) women’s communities globally.


Recent News

Recent News: Stay tuned for what’s new as we seed our global LBQ+ women’s community, including posts from movement leaders, NGO and governmental partner organizations, and the status of our LBQ+ sisters globally.



We’re creating a global LBQ+ women’s community, convening virtual and live gatherings, hosting events for our partner and grantee organizations, and connecting with our global LBQ+ sisters.

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