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Forum Guidelines

LesbianGlobal’s Community Forum is our Online Platform for Community Connection 

You can enjoy participating in LesbianGlobal’s online community of engaged, smart, and passionate LBQ+ women from around the world by committing to our Community Forum Guidelines.

These Guidelines ensure LesbianGlobal  members can connect, learn, advocate, mobilize and share ideas and resources in a safe and supportive global communications environment across diverse geographic, political, economic, social and cultural differences.  

LesbianGlobal Online Community Forum Guidelines

Engage as a Role Model: Your comments, and the new topics you add to the Forum, help build a thriving LesbianGlobal community. Co-create a connected LesbianGlobal community by adding your voice, perspective, ideas and resources. Be vulnerable, curious and audacious.

Post Additive and Relevant Comments: Reflect on your thoughts so that your posts elevate the overall quality of discussions. Contribute additive and relevant ideas that promote LesbianGlobal’s mission. 

Protect Confidentiality and Privacy: Safeguard our LesbianGlobal members’ privacy and security by keeping confidential/private the information shared on our Forum. Ask, and get explicit permission from the owner before sharing anything about a LesbianGlobal member, including her/their personal information, background, perspective, comments, resources or any other information. Remember that relationships, reputations and lives may be at stake.

Practice Active Listening: Listen attentively to others' viewpoints before responding. Seek clarification and understanding to foster empathetic and enlightening discussions.


Be Language Aware: Use language that is clear, concise, and positive. Avoid potentially offensive or derogatory comments or terms. Use language that fosters inclusivity and connection in a global, language-diverse LBQ+ women’s community.


Be Visible: Add your photo and a short description of yourself to the Member Portal and add a profile picture in the Forum so our community members can relate and feel more bonded to you.

Use and Receive Constructive Feedback: Keep in mind the extensive range of backgrounds represented in our LesbianGlobal community as you give and receive feedback. Make sure your feedback is constructive and that it offers learning, not criticism. Never engage in personal attacks. Be open minded (and open-hearted) when a LesbianGlobal member offers you constructive feedback.

Support LesbianGlobal’s Mission: Promote only the organizations, events, movements, forums, and resources that, and people who, support LesbianGlobal’s mission. Postings, advertisements, solicitations, offers, or any promotions that are not specifically for LBQ+ women to help uplift our LBQ+ sisters globally are prohibited.


Never Attack, Troll, or Abuse: LesbianGlobal’s Forum has a zero-tolerance policy for personal attacks, trolling or hate speech, in any form, including graphic material. Be civil and avoid potentially derogatory, offensive, abusive, aggressive, rude or harmful actions or statements. Remember our community is global and inclusive of all LBQ+ women. 



I have read, understand, and I agree to comply with the LesbianGlobal Online Community Forum Guidelines. I agree to report any behavior/post/comment that I believe is inconsistent with the Guidelines. I understand that such a report, made to, will be kept confidential.

I agree that if I post a comment, start a new topic area, or take other action in the Forum that is inconsistent with these Guidelines, I may be expelled from the community.

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Welcome to the LesbianGlobal online Community Forum! Please engage fully, not just as a voyeur, with our diverse and global community of LBQ+ sisters. Your contributions and engagement are what create a positive experience for you, as well as for your sister LesbianGlobal Forum participants. Please ensure that your profile is complete with your picture, name, and pronouns. Happy connecting!

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